Vintage 1930 Florals – 312G


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Although the quilts of the 1930s were created during The Great Depression – one of the darkest times soft pastel colors and joyful prints were the primary trend and radiated a feel. These quilts had a bright cheery beauty all their own. Women’s magazines and newspapers of the 1930s struggled to sell optimism. With quilting at an all time high, they included plenty of patterns, tips and stories in their publications. Kits were also popular, offering pre-cut fabrics that could just be sewn together without any additional expense. In 1933 at the Chicago World Fair Sears displayed the winning entries of their national quilt competition which was said to have garnered a response of 24,000 entries!

Sara’s collection of 1930s quilts were the source for this collection along with the bright colors, which are perfect for quilts, clothing and household projects!

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